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The European Register of Reputables Programme promotes and supports only those entities (enterprises and institutions), which exhibit particular reliability and quality when compared to others and base their operations on the principles of business ethics.

The primary focus for the activities of the European Register of Reputables is on the development of the “Euro Renoma” programme with its mission of promoting ethics in business and representing the opinions of programme Participants on important economic issues.

The programme aims to support enterprises and institutions in establishing their reputation, reinforcing their positive image and to distinguish them from the competition, as well as to increase the number of companies operating in accordance with the law, legal and civil responsibility and European standards in a manner which is clear and understandable to everyone.

“Euro Renoma” programme participants may use the European Register of Reputables Certificate, which constitutes the most up to date information regarding reliability, dependability and trustworthiness of a company, office or institution.

It will allow you to achieve an advantage over your competitors and win the trust of customers and contractors.

The European Register of Reputables Certificate:

  • Is a sign of prestige and proof of a company’s or institution’s reliability and trustworthiness.
  • It inspires confidence by business partners.
  • Helps to build a positive image.
  • Is an excellent argument in negotiations and business meetings.
  • Helps to win contests and tenders.
  • Assures additional EU points in the evaluation of an application for funding.
  • Provides additional, original advertising on the Internet.

The Certificate is a distinction and a sign of prestige. In acceding to the Programme, you afford yourself an opportunity to be different from the competition, emphasise the high level of your operations and enhance the trust of potential customers.

The special Certificate emblem can be a part of your own website, visible to all visitors and those interested in doing business with you.

Participation in the “Euro Renoma” Programme is open only to those entities which are in the European Register of Reputables. Once registered one may accede to the Programme.

I also want to join the program Euro Renoma, please post me to the European Register of Reputables.